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Welcome to Estrangia

Among the world of islands in the sky, Estrangia is perhaps one of the most inhospitable. It is covered in deserts with only the occasional oasis, over which cities are usually built. A single breeze that can occur at any point during the morning carries most of the moisture that the people of this island live off of, trapping it with dew catchers in order to gather the precious liquid.

The residents of the place are almost as inhospitable as the land they live on, unfortunately. Estrangians are extremely stuffy, proud individuals that cannot stomach the notion of bowing down to someone else, including those that they once thought of as children of the gods. With the might of a militant organisation at their backs, the Estrangian people have driven those now known demi-humans into a life of hardships, suffering on the streets.

Since then the organisation known as the Hunters have withdrawn onto their floating city known as Haven. From there they continue to oppress the demi-humans by maintaining the disrespect and hatred that is naturally built into the Estrangian people.

This story focuses on one such demi-human, Harken, as he slowly finds his situation escalating beyond his control. Starting from an assist in the illicit activities in a local crime lord, he draws the ire of the Hunters. From there his fight for survival as well as his journey to find his own emotions begins.

Stuff to note

I haven’t fully formed what I want this story to contain. There are certainly milestones and characters that I know will occur and be introduced, however every part of it is subject to change, and as such I cannot give a clear warning about the content. I do not intend for it to be erotic fiction, so it will almost definitely not contain hard elements of that nature, however it should be considered that this will definitely be a mature story and may contain alarming content, or it might not, most of it will depend on my mood at the time.